Experiment Driven Development? Easy.

Configure experiments in one line of code. View and share results easily. Improve product feature quality. Get to know your users.

Variate implemented in JavaScript Variate dashboard

Build features users love to use

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Deploy multiple versions of your UI side-by-side to understand the impact to user behavior.

Run different experiments for different components in your UI, randomly splitting users between them (also known as multivariate testing).

Be adventurous. Release early and often. Easily analyse the results to see whether you should continue developing the features you're working on.

Configure experiments in a single line of code

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No need to fill in any forms or frustrating wizards, just declare the experiment name and variants in your application code. Easy!

Rely on our inbuilt random variant selection, or write your own and decide how you assign users to your experiment.

Configure how long a user's variant lifetime is, whether they get a different experiment variant each session or the variant persists using cookies.

Plugins for React, AngularJs, Vue and Node.js coming soon.

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View all your results in a single place

Dashboards and charts

Log in to the dashboard to see a list of all current and past experiments at any time.

Easily filter the metrics you're analysis and the date range.

View the percentage conversion changes between each of your variants.

Start building smarter products now

Multivariate split testing has never been so developer-friendly and easy to implement!
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